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Equator Coffee Roasters has been roasting, delivering, and serving fresh, fair trade, organic coffee since 1998.  Founded by Craig and Amber Hall with the goal of making a difference globally and locally, the name was chosen for a reason: to ‘Equate’ the benefit of drinking coffee, not just for the consumer but for all the people along the way, from our staff who pack and serve it- to the farmers who grow it. 

Equator’s primary principles, from the start, have been: Fresh Roasting, Fair Trade Purchasing and Organic Certification. We believe in good coffee for all - you don’t have to be a coffee aficionado to enjoy Equator coffee, but if you are- you’ll be sure to love it!

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Brand Truths

Our brand truths reflect this belief and they are as follows:

We care – to advance the art of coffee.

We learn – every day, and share what we know.

We strive – to be a team you can rely on to serve you well.

We commit – to optimize sustainability in everything we do.

We invest – in organic purity and fair trade for farmers.

We build – long-lasting friendships and stronger communities.

We promise – to give you a daily cup of extraordinary!

We are Equator, and we make great coffee for all.

In 2016, Equator was awarded the Best Ottawa Business Award for Performance in Philanthropy, an honour we were truly grateful to receive as it displayed a recognition that our beliefs are being put into practice.

BOBs Award

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Equator has three locations.  Equator "HQ" in Almonte hosts our roastery, café, and training centre. In Ottawa, we have two cafés: one in Westboro Village and one in the NAC-CNA. Meet our wonderful team and enjoy an incredible cup of coffee that so many hands, hearts, and help went in to preparing for you! 

cupping-lab   Almonte Cafe

Almonte Cupping Lab (Training Centre) and café

Probat Roaster

Almonte roastery


Equator Coffee Westboro

NAC cafe

Equator Coffee NAC-CNA café