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We’re a local roastery based in the heart of the Ottawa Valley. Since 1998, we’ve been roasting and delivering fresh coffee each and every week. We have a passion for good coffee and a deep respect for the people who grow it.

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Almonte Cafe, Roastery, and Training Centre

451 Ottawa Street
Almonte, ON K0A 1A0


Almonte Café Hours:
Monday to Friday:
6am to 7pm
8am to 6pm
8am to 5pm
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Westboro Café

412 Churchill Ave. N.
Ottawa, ON K1Z 5C6


Westboro Café Hours:
Monday to Saturday:
7am to 6pm
8am to 5pm
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1 Elgin St.
Ottawa, ON K1P 5W1


NAC-CNA Café Hours:
Monday to Friday:
7am to 8pm
8am to 8pm
9am to 8pm