<span>Organic</span> Certification

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Our Organic Commitment

We are committed to fostering a healthier planet with healthier farmers, families, and communities from Canada to Peru to Ethiopia to Sumatra. In an industry that has one of the highest records of chemical input, it is increasingly important to demand and support healthier practices. That is why all of the coffee we sell is certified organic. From the farmer’s field to Equator’s production facilities, the coffee is produced, processed, and handled according to international organic stipulations.

What Organic Means

Organic coffee not only provides a healthier and less dangerous work environment for our producer partners and their families - it also tastes better! Without any harsh pesticides and fertilizers, the coffee is less astringent and much cleaner. In addition to purchasing only coffee that is grown organically, Equator's production facility is also certified, meaning that no harmful chemicals come in contact with our staff or your precious beans! We also have to prove that we can trace the coffee from your purchase directly back to the farmer in case of any quality or recall issues. 

Taking It Further

When installing our new roaster, Equator made the extra effort to be sure that its operation was as clean and efficient as possible. Most large-scale roasters use what is called an afterburner. Extremely high-temperature flames burn off the smoke particles before the exhaust exits the chimney. Although this is a benefit to the environment in one way, it consumes large amounts of energy. 

For that reason, we sourced and installed a different system for dealing with smoke called a water scrubber. This piece of equipment uses a fine mist of water that is sprayed through the roaster exhaust. The water captures the particulate and what you see exiting our chimney is, in fact, primarily, steam. The water is then recycled within our system. The by-product slurry is a very nutrient-rich mixture that can be used for naturally fertilizing a garden. Customers regularly come by to pick up our by-products - chaff for garden mulch, slurry for fertilizer, and spent coffee grounds for compost.   


We are certified by Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd.,  which complies with the strict standards of CAN/CGSB, COR, NOP/USDA, and CARTV.