Fair Trade <span>Proof</span>

An Era of Certifications


In a time when so much marketing around green and fair gets blasted at us, consumers are often left feeling confused, skeptical or both - and understandably so. As niche markets grow larger and larger, companies - including (and especially) many large corporations - who rarely considered the environment or social justice in their practices, suddenly want a slice of the pie. While Equator and other companies who were founded on the principles of preserving the environment and fostering greater social justice are happy to see this mainstream "awakening" take place, we also know that building consumer trust and educating people about how to discern a company's true and earnest effort from a mere marketing scheme are as important to our company as ever!

Total Transparency

chiapasTransparency is at the heart of our model of fair trade. We don’t expect our customers to blindly trust us. That’s why our coffee-buying cooperative goes to great lengths to publish all of the pertinent documents associated with every coffee transaction. Customers can follow the path of our coffees back to the farm and the farmer at fairtradeproof.org.

True Fair Trade

At Equator Coffee Roasters, “fair trade” is much more than just a certification or label. For us, fair trade is about open and respectful dialogue: dialogue with our producer partners, dialogue with other like-minded roasters, and dialogue with our customers about where the coffee comes from and who grew it. Using the coffee industry as our conduit, we build relationships with producer partners all over the developing world. These relationships, in turn, are the base of a more constructive, realistic, and sustainable way of doing commerce. This way of doing business connects the Global North with the Global South which is the first and most important step towards poverty alleviation.

The consumer deserves to know and the producer deserves to be known.