Sumatran Silk Organic Coffee
Deep, well-balanced and herbal with notes of cocoa and jam.
Price From: $17.00

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Price From: $17.00
Produced by Permata Gayo Co-op at 1500m altitude, this coffee is full of chocolatey, sweet, jammy flavours and a deep, round, and balanced body (mouth-feel). "Sumatran Silk" is the result of a special partnership between our importing co-op, Cooperative Coffees, and Permata Gayo - made and prepared exclusively for us! Fair Trade and Organic Certified.
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    Taste Notes

    Cocoa and jam

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  • Manufacturer

    Equator Coffee Roasters

  • Certification

    Fair Trade, Organic

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    Producer Group

    Permata Gayo

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    Sumatra - Permata Gayo Cooperative - Aceh Region