Start a Cafe

So you want to open a cafe?  Well, we can help!  For us, a wholesale partnership is so much more than just dropping off a bag of beans at your door each week.  For almost 20 years, we’ve helped cafes to start, grow, and succeed by serving our coffee...and drinking lots of it along the way!  Providing the tools and advice to make our customers succeed has been a core part of our business from day one.  In many cases, we worked with the entrepreneurs from "Ground Zero."  For others, we've come alongside later in the game.  In all cases - whether successful or otherwise - we have learned a LOT about the nuts and bolts of starting and running a cafe.  What better way to make use of that information than to give it back to our coffee community and customers!

As a customer of Equator, you will be the final step of a long and careful quality process. The “Grand Finale” happens when you serve it to your customers. We want each sip to keep them coming back. In order to do that, we have some simple steps and recommendations that Equator customers – current and potential – can and should follow in order to have the best chance of success.  This includes everything from the location you choose to the terms of your lease to what equipment you source (extremely important - a “make it or break it” kind of thing). Also important are the layout of the space, the way the coffee is brewed and presented and how staff is trained and educated to represent your brand and the coffee you serve.  
When you decide to work with Equator, we give you access to all this information and more!  Opening a cafe is an adventure full of unexpected twists and turns.  We want to give our customers as much “heads up” as possible about the potential “hiccups” and challenges of starting and running a coffee business.  This will likely be the biggest financial and time investment (not to mention physical and emotional), so why not start off right?  
Contact us if you are planning to start a coffee house and we would be happy to speak with you, meet with you, and help make this dream come true!