Helping schools, organizations, religious groups and charities raise money for various projects is a big part of our business at Equator.

Through the sale of fair trade, organic coffee, tea, sugar, chocolate and gift bags, community groups raise money and awareness for whatever cause they might be involved in. When family members and friends buy products from fundraisers, they are not only supporting local initiatives and a local business, they are also participating in a global effort towards greater social justice.

The delicious, fresh, and locally roasted coffee is a bonus!

What We Offer

Equator Coffee carries an extensive line of high quality, organic, fair trade coffees. Every blend and single-origin coffee we sell is sourced responsibly, roasted locally, and shipped fresh. By participating in our fundraising program, you have access to:

  • Equator's complete fair trade and organic-certified coffee offerings.
  • Equator's new line of fair trade, organic-certified loose-leaf teas.
  • High quality boxed teas from 4 O'Clock Teas.
  • Camino fair trade and organic-certified chocolate and sugar from La Siembra Cooperative.
  • A great selection of gift items available during the Christmas season.


Often, fundraisers like to limit their own offerings to a smaller selection of these products. We can help you in determining the needs of your organization and customizing your order to fit those needs.

How It Works

We keep your process as simple as possible:

  • We will provide you with a basic master order form customized to the products you choose to sell.
  • We can create a custom order form with product descriptions and retail prices for sellers and supporters.
  • When your sale ends, you compile your customer orders on the master form and submit it as online order on Equator website.
  • Equator will roast and prepare your order and have it ready for pickup or delivery on the agreed-upon date.
  • We ask for payment by e-transfer once we receive your order, or if needed, by cheque on delivery day.
  • You then arrange for pickup or delivery of individual orders to your own customers.


Now You Can Benefit from Repeat Web Sales

Organizations who do a live fundraiser now can benefit from repeat sales through our website.  

  • Send us your organization logo to and we'll post it on our website.  
  • Tell your customers to go to the fundraising page on our site and click Find a Fundraiser.  
  • Have them click on your logo.  
  • Now 10% of any coffee, tea or chocolate they purchase will accumulate in an account for you.  
  • We will disburse accumulated funds quarterly or at your request.

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