Ethiopian Cherbanta Organic Coffee
Tasting notes: floral aroma, sweet melon flavour, chocolate aftertaste
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Price From: $18.00
Our latest lot of Ethiopian Unwashed (a.k.a. “Sundried” a.k.a. “Natural Processed”) coffee comes from the famed hilly region of Yirgacheffe near the small village of Idido. Coffee in this area grows at extremely high altitudes (2100-2450 metres above sea level) which gives the bean a unique density and sweetness. The Gedeo area, a sub-region of Yirgacheffe, is known for producing a coffee with complex flavour and stunning brightness.The Cherbanta Cooperative is a small grower group of 250 members (compared to neighbouring co-ops of 3000). They have been producing export-grade coffee for a few years now and offer exclusively unwashed coffee due to the high cost of washing equipment. This has allowed them to refine and perfect the sundried method, a traditional but challenging method of processing coffee. Unwashed or “natural processed” coffee means that instead of depulping the coffee cherry, fermenting the pit (coffee bean), washing it, and drying it, the coffee cherry goes directly to the drying bed. This allows the bean to pick up on the sweet and often floral flavour notes of the fruit. The coffee’s brightness is a classic characteristic of the region. Put it all together and you get a highly complex, unique, and tasty cup of coffee.
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    Taste Notes

    Floral aroma, sweet melon, chocolate aftertaste

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  • Manufacturer

    Equator Coffee Roasters

  • Certification

    Fair Trade, Organic

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    Producer Group

    Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union

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    Gedeo, Yirgacheffe