Run Across Congo

In May 2015, an all-women team of runners will embark upon a 7-marathon, 7-day journey along the shores of Lake Kivu in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to raise awareness and funds for the inspiring female coffee farmers, farming families and cooperatives working toward gender equality and stability in the region.

The first ever Run Across Congo will support and celebrate the resurgence of the Kivu Region through empowering women in farming communities. Runners will traverse the Great Lakes region of Africa for 300 km, hosted along the way by communities with whom organizing partners, On The Ground and Twin, have existing relationships.

Awareness and funds raised from the Run will empower women through programs that create access to knowledge, land, income and health care, enabling them to run their own lives and businesses. Run Across Congo unites non-profit, governmental and coffee industry partners with communities persevering through decades of civil war in Eastern DRC.