From the Roaster’s Desk

Hello I’m Mr. Roaster,

I’d like to take the time to share with you some of my day to day experiences roasting coffee. I’m going to call these little updates “From the Roaster's Desk”. I hope you can join in and experience what’s up with our fresh coffee roasting and new exciting discoveries.

Friday, October 13th 2017

Fridays are espresso days here at the Roastery: the atmosphere is relaxed and there is no coffee-bagging happening today. Why not though, isn’t coffee best if it’s bagged immediately to preserve freshness? We make an exception for our North Star Espresso blend.

Like every other coffee: we start with excellent green beans, in this case- sourced from Peru and Mexico. The Peruvian beans lend a beautiful sweet caramel flavour, and velvety mouth feel, to the blend, while the Mexican beans add a strong bitter cocoa flavour. We balance the blended ratio carefully as too much of either coffee throw the flavours towards either excessive bitterness or astringent acidity.

So why aren’t we bagging it today? Well, fresh roasted coffee is full of carbon dioxide (CO2)- that’s what causes fresh coffee to bloom when you pour water over it, and is also partially responsible for the delicious crema on top of an espresso shot. Fresh espresso has enough CO2 trapped in the bean that it influences the flavour of the espresso shot, in this case CO2 adds an undesirable acidity and too much crema.

This is why we let North Star rest through the weekend in containers that allow the coffee to breathe.

The gas is released at a greater rate than it would be in a sealed bag, so we can still deliver the freshest possible coffee with the intended flavour profile (without having to rest the espresso in bags for weeks). This method works best for North Star, but isn’t always the case for other lighter espresso blends.

Resting coffee to adjust CO2 is just another tool in the Roaster’s toolbox that can influence flavour in the cup.

Catch me in the act of roasting espresso Friday mornings at the Equator Almonte Roastery. That’s all for now, keep your stick on the ice.

-Mr. Roaster