Freakin' Good Beer

We've teamed up with Clocktower Brew Pub to bring you the latest, greatest coffee-infused beer: FREAKIN' GOOD BEER! It's made with (you guessed it!) our very own Freakin' Good Coffee. But unlike a dark porter or stout, Clocktower adds cold-pressed coffee to an amber ale to give a refreshing, lighter but full-flavoured beer.

Freakin' Good Beer will be on tap at all Clocktower locations as of Friday March 6th. Bottles and growlers are for sale at their brew pub at 575 Bank Street.

Here are some tasting notes:

- Amber Ale brewed with cold infused Freakin’ Good coffee

- Oats, rye, and flaked barley were used with malted barley to produce a smooth body

- Coffee flavor is muted to begin with but builds intensity

- The coffee flavor is very aromatic but lacks bitterness

- Local honey from Rideau Farms was used to balance the coffee and malt and provides a bit of additional sweetness

%Alc = 5.3% IBU = 25 SRM = 8