Equator in Westboro!

Get ready, Equator Coffee Roasters is bringing a bit of Almonte to Ottawa! In late fall/early winter 2014, Equator Coffee Westboro will be opening its doors to the public, serving espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, piccolos and yes, even drip coffee...along with teas, hot chocolates, and other treats for the non-coffee drinkers among us.

This is not just any ordinary coffee shop. We'll also offer after-hours wholesale training seminars (barista, customer service, coffee appreciation, etc) and public coffee courses (how to brew it right, the magic of freshness, what "fair trade" means to Equator, etc).

Here's the address: 412 Churchill Ave Ottawa, ON (just south of Richmond Road)

Be sure to check us out on Facebook and stay tuned to a fixed open and Grand Opening date! Cross your fingers for a pre-Christmas launch....