Colombian Fondo Paez is here!

The latest edition of our Single Origin Series coffee has hit the shelves and the brewers. Here is some info about the cooperative that produced it:

Fondo Paez is a small but remarkable group of Indigenous coffee farmers located in the remote Colombian southern highlands of Cauca. In the 10+ years that Equator has been purchasing fair trade, organic coffee from them, Fondo Paez has gone through a number of serious challenges but have always managed to produce a stunning cup of coffee.

This group is no ordinary coffee cooperative. Their incredible determination and hard-work come from years of fighting for their own existence. After centuries of conflict and oppression, farmers and community members of the “Paez” ethnic group banded together to recover their culture which was under siege by government forces trying to wipe them off the map. The Paez formed a cooperative of producers in 1992. By 2000, their coffee qualified for the prestigious Specialty Coffee program of the Colombian Coffee Growers’ Federation (national body that governs coffee quality) and they started successfully exporting their premium product to select markets. Fondo Paez is a completely autonomous organization with final decision-making powers at the general assembly of roughly 550 member (producer) delegates.

Fondo Paez coffee is characterized by intense and complex flavours with tasting notes of apricot, fresh berries, honeysuckle and vanilla aromas; a bright acidity and silky full body. Their coffee continues to win recognition and awards as a 90+ coffee in both local and international cupping competitions. We are privileged to be able to bring in and roast this phenomenal coffee as their production is limited and international demand is great. We hope you enjoy it and appreciate it as much as we do!

Happy brewing!