Natural Decaffeination

Coffee without caffeine? For some, that's a no-no from the start. But for others who love the taste of freshly roasted organic coffee but can’t handle the caffeine, naturally decaffeinated coffee provides a wonderful and safe alternative.

There are two natural methods widely used in decaffeination – “natural” meaning no harmful chemicals such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate are used, in contrast to the common non-natural methods. All decaffeination happens prior to roasting. The “Mountain Water Process” (or “Swiss Water Process,” as it is often better known is where green beans are soaked in near boiling water, extracting caffeine and other flavor compounds from the coffee. The beans are separated from the water and thrown out. The water, meanwhile, is forced through charcoal filters which capture the caffeine but leave the flavors. A new set of decaffeinated green beans are introduced and soaked in the flavor-saturated water and those are the beans that are used for roasting (and enjoying sans caffeine)!

The second method, the CO2 Process is how Equator’s decaf coffees have been processed. This method uses pure water and carbon dioxide to extract caffeine from the coffee grains. Caffeine naturally adheres to CO2 – all of the coffee’s other flavor essentials remain. Once the caffeine is extracted, the CO2 is removed and the remaining caffeine-free coffee beans are dried naturally and ready for roasting!

Equator Coffee offers different roast types (dark, medium, light) for different preferences and applications (French Press, espresso, filtered, etc). So if you are into Equator Coffee but not so into caffeine, there is hope. Try our naturally decaffeinated coffees today!