What is "natural" coffee?

"But wait, aren't all of your organic coffees 'natural'?" you might be asking.

Fair question. "Natural," "sundried," and "unwashed" are all synonymous terms referring to the way the coffee is processed once it's picked from the tree. Instead of immediately taking the pulp off the coffee cherry (the fruit that holds the "pit" which is the coffee bean) as is done with "washed" coffee which is most of the coffee out there, this process dries the coffee without depulping and hulls it after it's completely dry. Leaving the fruit on the "pit" (a.k.a. the coffee bean) during the drying process allows it to pick up all the (you guessed it) FRUITY flavours of the pulp. Naturals are known to have pronounced flavours such as blueberry muffin, strawberries, and wine.

Interestingly, this process is the original method in coffee cultivation as it does not require water as the more "modern" (and by far, more common) process of washing does. Originating in Ethiopia, many naturals still hale from that part of the coffee-growing world. But as producer groups in other origins (CENFROCAFE in Peru and COMSA in Honduras, for example) make incredible advances in areas of quality and controlled processing, excellent naturally processed coffees are showing up year after year.

It's not everyone's "cup of coffee" as it were and somewhat of an acquired taste but without a doubt, this will rock your coffee world and is worth a try for any coffee lover! Go on, be adventurous and take your tastebuds on a wild ride! Try our latest natural: Honduran Finca Penca del Burro.