Fondo Paez: Notes from the artist

Ever wonder what the inspiration and meaning are for our Single Origin Series label patterns? Here's a note from graphic artist Alexandra Ekstrom about her latest creation...

"Colombia is known not only for its amazing coffee, but its tradition of beautiful artesanias: handmade crafts. The core graphic element of the Fondo Paez geometric design represents a werregue basket, traditionally made by women from the fibres of the werregue palm. Colombia also has some the most diverse flora in the world, so I decided to pay homage to that by arranging the basket motif into a shape reminiscent of Colombia's national flower, the orchid Cattleya trianae. The result is a design that reflects the best of nature and culture that this region has to offer, perfect for this amazing single origin roast!"

Alex Ekstrom

Graphic Artist

Instagram: @specific_dream_rabbit

Email: alexandra.l.ekstrom@gmail.comccc