Ethiopian Sundried!

Get ready for a new taste experience – this is no “normal” cup of coffee! Otherwise known as “natural” or “unwashed,” this form of coffee is processed differently than a typically “washed” coffee. The majority of coffee we drink goes through a “washing” process in which the cherry is picked off the tree and de-pulped; the left-over seed (coffee bean) is then fermented, washed with water, put out to dry on a patio, and then hulled to bring it to the green bean form in which it is exported and eventually roasted (learn all about the washed coffee process here). In the “unwashed” or sundried process, the cherry is picked and then sent directly to the drying patio to dry with the pulp on the seed. Once it’s fully dry, it goes straight to the huller where outside is cracked off to reveal the green bean ready for export and roast.

This coffee comes from the same region as our Ethiopian Medium though as you will surely taste (and smell!), it has a very different flavour profile! It can be considered it an “acquired taste” because of its uniqueness but go ahead and give it a try! Find it online or at the cafe!

Tasting notes: FRUITY! Berries, pineapple, sweet, clean, bright.

Cooperative: depending on the lot, the co-op is Abela Galuko, Bona, or Telamo (all members of Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union)

*Photo: the dried coffee cherries waiting to be hulled